Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Tax the Rich": Provocation, not Progress

Greetings, Comrades! I hope the weekend is treating you well!
I'm sure you've heard from other Socialist/Communist organizations the rallying cry "Tax the Rich!". With 2% of the population owning more than 60% of the country's wealth, it sounds like an admirable goal to get behind and an adequate rallying cry. As enticing as it may be to go out a random weekend holding "Tax the Rich" banners with your friends, in the end there is no change. The rich will not be taxed. If you're lucky to have a job, you'll return to it and work aimlessly for a paycheck with less and less ability to handle our rising cost of living. If you don't have a job, you'll continue to collect unemployment (if you're lucky) or hopelessly pursue a job in a market that just doesn't have them.
V. I. Lenin once said "The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency." This is a good idea if the ones who are hoarding the currency don't have the control over the stability of that currency. In the end, it is not currency or tangibles that change policy and politics, but the masses breaking the silence of the night air in one voice, crying out against oppression. From this come representatives that, through the support of the people and actualization of the current system, make lasting changes that affect the lives of those who put them there. This is how this system should work, but it doesn't. We are now confronted with a system that trades monetary gain for public accountability and every elected official has a pricetag. Unfortunately, our cost of living is so high, we can't afford one.
I wanted to take this moment to remind you that the goal of the Lucas County Communist Party is first the support of the working class of Lucas County through direct assistance to local unions and groups and, second, the endorsement of political candidates that have chosen to side with people instead of monetary gain or political pole position. With representatives of the people elected to public office, we can finally offer lasting change to the lives of the working class and contribute to the revitalization of this country.
Remember, "Tax the Rich" is not political policy, it's a provocation; and not a suitable alternative to active pursuit of change. Let us instead use as our rallying cry "To Victory!". 
Yours in Solidarity,

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