Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brothers and Sisters -

Welcome! We are the Lucas County Communist Party. We're here to serve you, the Workers of this land, in the capacity of inciting beneficial change for good.

This community has always been a union-based, hard-working example to Ohio and the country of what rewards should be reaped for sweat on the brow and a hard day's work. Whether you work in a factory or behind a desk, in a call center or behind a cash register, you are the mechanism by which this community functions and thrives.

The Communist Party is, first and foremost, a party of, by, and for the people. We cannot have true Communism without a focus on community, Socialism without a focus on society, and we can do without a great deal of Capitalism, as we know what happens when we concentrate too much on capital. Too much of it goes to too little of us and the institution creates an environment that is uninhabitable by those at the bottom struggling to get by.

It is our desire, our passion, and our purpose to offer political, economic and social changes to Lucas County and Ohio, and to support those who wish to do the same. We wish to see not a state-run government, but a people-run government. And we cannot do it without you. Your support, through your time, your talents and your treasure, will bring about a social change that will resonate throughout the world for years to come.

The Party of the Worker continues to function by the Gifts of the Worker. Please use the button to the right and donate to your party so that we may better exercise the will of the people through empowerment, education, and elected officials.

To Victory, Comrades!

-Dustin Perkins
 Lucas County Communist Party


  1. Hello comrade, we now have our phone back and our internet working. We are very satisfied with what you have done. Can't wait to be more active. Sean-Erin

  2. We all know that socialism in it's early days is very different compared to modern socialism being practiced in 1/3 of today's Europe. The word itself has experienced freedom, tyranny, peace, war, prosperity, poverty, loyalty and fear. In other words socialism has been part of good and evil through out its time. We crown Marx, Engels and Lenin for the start, we assign dignity to those of modern socialist European nations and we frown upon the tyrants who have spit on Socialism. But what does socialism really stand for? Good or evil and for that matter what is good and evil? Socialism started for freedom, turned into totalitarianism and then blossomed into a peaceful democratic ideal. The future holds many questions and answers for socialism but will continue to change and mold socialism yet again into a nearly completely different ideal as it has through history. But if we could travel back and asked utopians (early socialist) what they thought I'm sure we would end up with a libertarian communist state based answer. Freedom politically and more rights than you could shake a stick at (what a weird expression lol). Economically, completely communist with tight regulation on the economy. Our early comrades hold the original idea of socialism but marx engels and lenin shaped it to what it needed to be. Now once again it must be shaped for modern times like it has been in Europe. It bleed out its tyranny and grasped more freedom and held on dearly to central planning with a minimum material free market. As long as socialism stays on a path of freedom we socialist and communist must follow its forever changing ways. Socialism is meant to adapt to its times in order to succeed.

  3. We support the following leaders policies however most of there views and or reforms never went into act. V.I. Lenin, Nikita Khrushchev, Yuri Andropov and Mikhail Gorbachev. The Soviet Union was cursed by Stalin and never reformed fully into what it was ment to be. A bureaucracy is never good and that is what ran the Soviet Empire for nearly its entire existence. The Ideal that sparked the soviet union is what we here hold dearly. Lenin's dream of a communist utopia. We accept that a nation cannot be perfect, but why not aim for that. Surely life would be better if the government was made of the very people it governed. We will wave the red flag and claim communist, we will stand tall for socialism and the hammer and sickle, we will always be red but we do not practice soviet-ism. A one party state is never good nor will it be clean from severe corruption. Lenin's started with a dictatorship and planned to change that over time into a multi party state. He started that way to ensure that communism went into act. Sadly Lenin grew ill and passed away to early to stop Stalin (The father of soviet-ism) who kept the dictatorship and made sure the one party state remained. But now look at Russia. 4 parties run the nation (one of those being the communist party) and they with out a doubt practice socialism. Russian capitalism failed as did the soviet union but this modern socialist outlook has boosted Russia up and continues to do so. Russia may not be perfect but they are more close to Leninism then they have ever been before. We are Leninist and support the early years of Soviet Russia and modern Russia. We are part soviet and part modern socialist with a dash of neo communism.